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Brand and Package Design, 2018

Urthē Skincare (pronounced as "earthy") is a San Francisco-based skincare line that was developed and designed to promote a more sustainable lifestyle by offering 100% organic products, as well as an integrated recycling program. It showcases a brand and package design applied to a skincare line that uses recycled glass containers. Every product has all-natural, vegan ingredients, is cruelty-free, and made with a “DIY” approach. The skincare products are displayed in recycled glass containers, accompanied by a “recipe” book, detailing the procedures for concocting the products, and a corresponding website. The recipe book outlines each product, lists the ingredients, and explains how these ingredients benefit one’s skin. The website showcases the products and their contents, explains the recycling program, and explains how Urthē customers can contribute to reducing packaging waste by recycling. The designer created this skincare line in response to how much packaging waste is produced from the cosmetics industry, and to promote a more sustainable way of using beauty products so that consumers are more environmentally friendly. Additionally, Urthē raises questions about the amount of waste that the cosmetics industry produces from its unsustainable packaging, and  how that is negatively affecting our environment.

For more information about Urthē, visit:

*This piece was displayed in the "What's Next" exhibition, located in the SOMArts Gallery in
San Francisco.

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